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Nikon Buck Master II Scope Reticle, 4-12 x 40 is made with BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) and an additional sunshade which provides you the improved accuracy and better vision throughout the day. Apart from that, this hunting device also has so many features.

Nikon Buckmasters II 4-12x40mm Rifle Scope


Its high technology based device makes everything easy for the shooter. This nikon buckmaster 4-12×40 review section explains you about how Nikon Buck Master II Scope is designed to feature a lot.

Features of Nikon Buckmaster 4-12×40 Review

The features of Nikon Buck Master II scope are described below in a detailed manner.

  • Nitrogen filled tube

A tube manufactured in a Nikon rifle scope is filled with nitrogen. This strong mechanism offers fog proof and as well as waterproof performance.

  • Multicoated optical system

This optical system has fully multicoated design, so it transmits up to 98 percentage of available light in the shooting area. In addition to that, it also ensures the low light and low contrast based on the situation of the hunting.

  • Durable

This scope gives more durable and it works even in any condition of shooting due to its water and fog proof features. And, it shoots very well in the dark and as well as light surroundings.

  • Accuracy

Additional sunshade features in this scope are adaptable and it also provides improved accuracy and better vision for the shooter. So, you can shoot your target in an excellent and clear manner.

  • Bullet drop compensation

One of the best things of Nikon rifle scope is its bullet drop compensation helps you in both long ranges and as well as short range shooting. With this, you can easily adjust up to 300 yards.

  • Zero-reset turret

In order to simplify the field adjustments, the Nikon Buck Master II scope is integrated with the zero-reset turret. So, you can view as usual to lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob and rotate to zero to re-engage the position.

  • Compact riflescope

A size of the lens used in this rifle scope is 40mm and it also designed with 4 to 12x magnification. All these designs make it as a compact rifle scope.

Pros & Cons


  • The bullet drop compensation in this rifle scope extends the range of shooting and it as well as supports short ranges too
  • The zero-reset turret in this scope provides simplified field adjustments
  • It allows using this scope in any condition by having O-ring sealed with water and fog proof
  • The adaptable sunshade of this scope offers enhanced accuracy than another scope with a better vision for first person view
  • The light effects are changed based on the situation of the hunting area and ensure both low light and contrast
  • It transmits up to 98% of available light with the help of fully multicoated optical system


  • Since the lens of this scope is 40mm, it is clear in the middle but it has blur along the edges
  • Clarity of this Nikon scope is good, but not at the level of red field

Additional features at glance:

Apart from the above-explained features, it also includes the following features.

  • This scope fits in the rifle scope like AR-15
  • It is filled nitrogen with O-ring sealed
  • Patented BDC reticle allows shooter to hold dead on at ranges exceeding previously
  • The Prostaff 4-12×14 riflescope helps to shoot virtually any shot in the comfort zone

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Question: How is the quality of this optical system?

Answer: An optical system in this rifle scope is fully multicoated and it also transmits up to 98% of available light. Moreover, it also offers maximum brightness in dark surroundings. Therefore, the quality of this optical system is excellent.

Question: Can I work with this scope in an adverse condition?

Answer: This scope is designed with nitrogen filled tube, so it offers water and fog proof guarantee. Thus, you can use this in any condition.

Why should you need to buy this product?

This Nikon rifle scope is designed with everything you need for sharp and clarity shooting. The fog and waterproof performance of this rifle scope allow you to work on water and other adverse condition. It offers both long and short range targeting of the object. This is the reason why I’m suggesting this scope for your hunting in this nikon buckmaster 4-12×40 review section.

Final verdict:

Finally, if you’re looking for a rifle scope that more worth it for your money, then the Nikon Buck Master II Scope with BDC reticle is the right choice for you. There are a number of customers put their reviews in nikon buckmaster 4-12×40 review section of this product and it got 4 stars out of 5. So, don’t confuse with multiple options and buy this best product.

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