Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Review


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A scope is an essential part of a gun. This riflescope is imperative to ensure accurate and proper aiming. It can also give a superior experience of shooting to the holder of the weapon. Hitting targets become comfortable if the scope is précised. Nikon P-223 BDC 600 review will help you in deciding if this product is suitable for you.

To gain the benefits of the perfect shot, selection of right scope is paramount. Nikon P-223 BDC Riflescope with the Rapid Action Turret is one such which you might be looking for to satisfy your desire for the best scope. It will provide you your finest shooting experiences. You can have a more clear thought about it once you read the review beneath.

Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Review​​​​​​​​​

Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope

Features Of Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Review

The black in color Nikon P-223 Riflescope BDC, 600 with Rapid Action Turret, is a combination of unique and perfect features that a riflescope should contain. Few of its essential features are explained below.

  • Streamlined Scope

Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope with a Fast Action Turret has an optimized scope which can be readily utilized with Nikon’s spot on ballistic match technology.

  • Improved Magnification

The scope has improved magnification which has a superior lens in the P-223 scope designed for MSR series rifles.

  • Multicoated Optics System

The Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope has multicoated optics system that provides a high intensity of brightness and light.

  • Longer Distance Shooting

Nikon Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret is specially designed to give more precision when shot over the longer distance. The targets can be shot even at a far distance with AR rifles. It is suitable to use Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret for long distance shooting.

  • New and Improved Technology

This scope incorporates new and enhanced technology, which makes one scope offer two diverse approaches to the hunter while shooting.

Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect. Every product possesses its individual benefits and drawbacks. Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret also comes with positive and negative points to be taken care of. They are stated below.


  • The scope offers fantastic clarity for precise shots
  • It gives high and perfect accuracy
  • It is preferable for long distance shooting
  • It has multicoated lens system that provides appropriate brightness
  • It can also be used with turrets to offer crosshair for shooting more correctly
  • It can stay zeroed even while elevated quick moving aims
  • Even after thousands of shots taken, this fine rifle scope provides high quality of accuracy


  • Its accuracy reduces because of the absence of parallax calibration. It is required for more accurate and precise shooting
  • It becomes difficult for a new shooter to adjust targets precisely because of the lack of parallax calibration

Additional Features at a Glance

  • Speedy hand turn is possible
  • It is a waterproof scope
  • Spring-equipped turrets are used to formulate calibrations more suitable
  • Its range is up to six hundred yards

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the scope waterproof?

Answer: Yes, the scope is waterproof. The inbuilt waterproof scope makes it more convenient for the hunter to use it during any condition and season to take the précised shots. Nikon P-223 BDC 600 review shall provide you with more details.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret is a scope, which has a very suitable combination of all the necessary features that any riflescope should possess. It has new and advanced technology along with multicoated lens system making it easier for the hunter to shoot precisely at the aimed targets.

It can be adjusted with different rifles, which make the hunters demand it more as they do not have to keep different scopes for different guns. On the whole, it is a grand scope because of all the amazing features that it includes in it. This scope can make your shooting more accurate.

Final Verdict

Many riflescopes are available, and each of them has its uniqueness and, in the same manner, Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Rifle scope with Rapid Action Turret is also unique and different from the others. It is favorable for far distanced shots, and its high-defined lens offers perfect precision for shooting.

For all those hunters who require accuracy and quality in their gunshots should buy this Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope. We hope that through Nikon P-223 BDC 600 review we have helped you in your riflescope purchase.

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